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2nd Sunday of Lent_Year B_TRANSFIGURATION

All these come with a package during this season, we say the three pillars, Prayer, Fasting, and Charity...

Lent week 2, 2021

A great Grace filling week to ponder and utilize the opportunity of transfiguration to refashion or remold to clear our image God created with us as we enter the second week of Lent. The reflection this week focuses on Transfiguration which relates very well with the sacrifice of Abraham with Isaac. The Lenten journey brings to attention the proclamation from God the Father, “This is My Son, the Beloved; listen to Him!” The life and story of Abraham is the same, no questions were asked but just followed what God said to do, “Sacrifice Your son”. The result of which is the transfiguration of Abraham answering all the long-standing questions he asked to God and all the concerns he had conveyed to God day and night.

The statement of God today to us is, “This is My Son, the Beloved; listen to Him”, is for the transfiguration of each of us. This statement can facilitate our plan for transfiguration, the remolding of our beautiful image which happened to be lost or destroyed by the calamities of the devil in us. The resplendence of the Transfiguration reveals the fullness of life destined to be ours. To reach the level of transfiguration, a must NEEDED plan and process required. The beautiful image and likeness is maintained by Transformation, Transition and Transfiguration.

Transformation > brings changes to Character. Think and Pray about what sort of passing things I need to give up, rusted, aged, staying in the same sins and addictions, for rebuilding my Image. Transition > brings better growth in person, family, and community. What type of resources and materials I must buy-in and utilize for the transitioning? A good example could be the make-ups we buy to change our face for transitioning! Transfiguration > makes the Image and likeness perfect. Caring and protecting by building shield of Virtues. It is a kind of weather protectant on paintings that the glaze shining will stay forever.

All these come with a package during this season, we say the three pillars, Prayer, Fasting, and Charity.

In the transfiguration story, there is yet another statement made by one of our representatives, his name is Peter, always quick to respond but seems not mature enough to be practical! He said, “Rabbi, it is good for us to be here!” It can be taken into two sense: one, be stagnant, stubborn, and obstinate, nope, no change, no transformation. The other is, willing to go down (in obedience to the statement of the Father) with Jesus for transformation and transition to be transfigured.

It is indeed good to be here, as you have said, Peter. It is good to be with Jesus and to remain here forever. What greater happiness or higher honor could we have than to be with God, to be made like him, and to live in his light? Let us be caught up like Peter to behold the divine vision and to be transfigured by that glorious transfiguration. These are the divine wonders we celebrate; this is the saving revelation given us upon the mountain; this is the festival of Christ that has drawn us to this sacred time. Let us listen, then, to the sacred voice of God so compellingly calling us from on high, from the summit of the mountain, so that we may penetrate the deep meaning of these holy mysteries, so far beyond our capacity to express. It is good for us now to listen to him with all heart, mind, and soul yearning for the heavenly vision that will give us a share in his radiance, renew our spiritual nature, and transform us into His own likeness, making us forever sharers in his Godhead and raising us to heights as yet undreamed of.

Therefore, this season of Lent, “It is good for us to be here”, where all things shine with divine radiance, where there is joy and gladness and exultation; where there is nothing in our hearts but peace, serenity and stillness; where God is visible refashioning our image into Him.

May the Resplendent Radiance of Transfiguration Shine on Us!

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