Internet helps to create New Window Glasses; Prof. Juan Narbona

Church is a teacher and a mother in digital era for each faithful...

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Trivandrum: In this modern rea, in this world of media, in this epoch of social media internet helps us to create New Window Glasses said Prof. Juan Narbona during the Alumni conference in Trivandrum. He was dealing with the theme “Digital media” in the first sessions of the conference conducted by Pontifical University of Santa Croce and hosted by the Media Commission Trivandrum, in the Animation centre.

Prof. Narbona was making a comparison with the images found in the churches, that were became more effective means of communication of faith and the message of Scripture/Bible to the faithful in the medieval period, especially in the 13th century. Thus, in today’s media world, internet helps to do effective communication of Scripture Message to the world creating New Window Glasses using internet, he said.

In his session on Digital media, he dealt with effective use of digital media for evangelization, communicating message effectively through storytelling and how to trickle the Fake news. According to Prof. Narbona polarization of opinions creating confusions among the people. Finally, emphasized that Church is a teacher and a mother in digital era for each faithful.

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