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Let Us Not Be the Ones to Stone

He healed our physical infirmities by miracles; he freed us from our sins

We are just one week away from the Holy Week and from our celebration of God’s love through the Paschal Mystery when re-creation takes place. The redemption and salvation of all taking place. Our response is to transform ourselves to link into that process of Re-Creation.

As normal human beings, we do have two aspects of life; 1) for sure seeking forgiveness which we saw last week; 2) generally there is a tendency within us to find fault in others and condemn them. Still not ready to forgive others; friends of humanity, don’t you know that it will strongly decline your aspiration for transformation and become a new generation. It is totally unjustifiable when I wish to be forgiven but others to be punished the max (an example: Matthew 18:23-35). It can be even called inhuman and intolerant.

Let us be off God’s image and use this season of Grace as the only chance; let us be NOW (No Opportunity Wasted). We are reminded of our last opportunity to cooperate with God’s graces and his benevolent love. Let us, at least, be those Scribes and Pharisees who dropped the stone quietly and left, let us not be the one who stone first (John:8:3-11). God’s will is to save us, and nothing pleases him more than our coming back to him with true repentance. The heralds of truth and the ministers of divine grace have told us this from the beginning, repeating it in every age. Indeed, God’s desire for our salvation is the primary and pre-eminent sign of his infinite goodness. It was precisely in order to show that there is nothing closer to God’s heart that the divine Word of God the Father, with untold condescension, lived among us in the flesh, and did, suffered, and said all that was necessary to reconcile us to God the Father, when we were at enmity with him, and to restore us to the life of blessedness from which we had been exiled.

He healed our physical infirmities by miracles; he freed us from our sins, many and grievous as they were, by suffering and dying, taking them upon himself as if he were answerable for them, sinless though he was. He also taught us in many different ways that we should wish to imitate him by our own kindness and genuine love for one another. Friends on Mission, let us be NOW!

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